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Early Channel Battles Spitfires fend off Me 109s

Comanche Fighters Spitfire AR213 soars over the English countryside near the Channel just as it did in 1941. It is painted in the color scheme of Flt. Lt. James Harry “Ginger” Lacy, who shot down more enemy aircraft than any other pilot during the Battle of Britain. This Spit was also used in the movie “Dunkirk” and temporarily repainted with the Squadron code “LC” and “R9632” on its side. It is currently based in Duxford with the Fighter Collection for a short period. (Photo by John Dibbs/
Of all the written accounts by the fighter pilots of the RAF during 1941, two stand out, in my opinion. Both were by pilots who flew Spitfire Mk Vs with 610 Squadron, which by summer 1941 was one of the squadrons under Wing Commander Douglas Bader. “Circuses” were usually composed of six bombers, escorted by many squadrons of fighters, typically Spitfire Mk Vs; the formation was called a “Beehive.” At this time, RAF Fighter Command,...


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Early Channel Battles Spitfires fend off Me 109s

Article in December 2022 Issue

ON THE COVER: The Fighter Collections' chief pilot Pete Kynsey brings in their rare, Goodyear built FG-1D Corsair super close to the magic camera lens of John Dibbs to get this outstanding shot. This warbird is painted in Royal Navy livery.

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