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Electric Flight takes off – A Bright Future for Cleaner, Quieter, Next-gen Power

Electric Flight takes off
Decades ago, airliners were quite noisy and vibrated significantly in flight from the piston engines that powered them, and with the eventual introduction of jet propulsion and turbofans, flights became much smoother and quieter. It is about to happen again. The transition to electric flight propulsion will practically eliminate powerplant noise and, though propellers will still generate sound, electric power will provide the smoothest, quietest passenger experience yet. The adoption of electric propulsion has begun...


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Electric Flight takes off – A Bright Future for Cleaner, Quieter, Next-gen Power

Article in April 2022 Issue

ON THE COVER: Flying in darkness, single-seat, non-radar-equipped Hawker Hurricanes flew with RAF Fighter Command night-fighter squadrons, their pilots attempting to intercept and destroy German bombers attacking targets in England in in 1941. RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Hurricane Mk IIC PZ865, flown here by Group Captain Matt Peterson MBE. (Photo by John Dibbs/ theplanepicture with effects by Betty Nero)

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