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  • Feature Articles

    Trolling for SAMs - Flying an F-4D decoy mission in Vietnam

    Attack Yak

    The Battle of Britain's Best - Spitfire and Hurricane vs. Bf 109

    Lethal Lancer - Bad-to-the-bone B-1B bomber

    Hellcat Ace -

    Classic Ryan

    Second Kill

    August 2021 Issue

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  • Feature Articles

    M-9 Reaper - The world’s most feared drone

    The Cost of Recon - RA-5 Vigilante in Vietnam

    Zemke’s Wolfpack - The 56th Fighter Group racks up the kills

    The Fighting Lancaster

    Kamikaze Killers - Marine Corsair pilots dominate the Pacific

    Heavy - Avro Lancaster

    Remembering the Lancaster

    Curtiss Robin C-1

    June 2021 Issue

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  • Feature Articles

    Impossible Odds - He hoped the Jug was as tough as they said it was

    Impossible barriers are made to be brokenN

    Naval Aircraft Factory N3N-3

    North American Aviation X-15 Space Age Pioneer

    Rampant Raiders - April 25, 1967, VA-212 tests the A-4 to the limit

    Five-Gun Fury - Lt. Floyd Fulkerson: Wingman to the Aces

    The Growler - Boeing’s electronic attack weapon

    April 2021 Issue

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